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 Ghillie Suits

A ghillie suit, also known as camo netting, is designed as a suit to wear so that you blend into your environment. Whether it is used for military, hunting, or paintball, the purpose of a ghillie suit is to keep you camouflaged into your surroundings. Ghillie suits are made with a mesh material and often covered in leaves and twigs to give an accurate representation of the nature in the area.

Ghillie Suit for Hunting

Many people use a ghillie suit for duck, deer, moose, and rabbit hunting. Ghillie suits provide a clear tactical advantage for the rookie or experienced hunter. The small investment of a ghillie suit will pay off tenfold when you can hunt much more discreetly and start pulling in results. Ghillie Suits USA ships to you from the United States of America. On another note for optimal hunting performance you should consider using deer antler spray and a testosterone booster.

Ghillie Suit for Paintball

For regular paintball goers a ghillie suit will provide you with a clear advantage over your opponent. Paintball is an expensive sport, anyone who is committed to obtaining results in paintball needs a ghillie suit. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on guns, ammo, and more, it only makes sense to make a small investment in a ghillie suit to give yourself a clear advantage over the rest. Disguise yourself in your surroundings and surprise everyone as you pick them off!

Sniper Ghillie Suits

If you’ve ever seen a movie with a sniper in it, chances are they are wearing a ghillie suit! Ghillie suit’s have obvious military application.

Snipers and hunters wear ghillie suits to camouflage themselves from their prey or potential enemy’s. A ghillie suit will give the wearer a discreet look, and a clear advantage over any prey or enemy not wearing a suit.